Petitions & Delegations

  • Petitions and Delegations’ will be heard at the beginning of the meeting only. The public will not be allowed to speak to an item at any other time on the agenda unless the Mayor allows such discussion.
  • All discussions should be made to Council through the Mayor.
  • When addressing the Mayor, please refer to the Mayor as Mayor (last name).
  • At the beginning of your address to Council, please state your name so that it can be correctly entered into the minutes.
  • Council may ask questions of you at the end of your presentation.

If you are addressing an item that is on the agenda, further discussion on the issue by Council will be done at that point in the agenda. Otherwise, Council may add it to the agenda under New Business, refer the matter to committee, or take other such action as deemed expedient.
Council appreciates and indeed encourages input from the citizens of Fraser Lake on any business before Council. The rules are meant to allow everyone who wishes to address Council the opportunity to do so. They are also meant to allow Council to conduct business in such a way that is fair to all.

Under certain circumstances, defined in Section 90 of the Community Charter, Council may declare a meeting or part of a meeting as “in –camera”. This means that the public is excluded from this meeting or portion of the meeting. If an “in-camera” meeting is scheduled, Council will always, unless circumstances dictate otherwise, schedule this “in-camera” session after the regular meeting of Council. This avoids disturbing any public who may be attending the regular meeting.’

As per the Village of Fraser Lake Council Procedure Bylaw No. 784, 2017. “no person or group of persons wishing to appear before Council may do so unless they have filled out a Council Delegation Application and delivered the application to the Chief Administrative Officer before they have prepared the agenda and circulated it to the members of Council, except on extraordinary occasions declared as such by the Mayor.”

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