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Beaumont Provincial Park

Beaumont is a provincial government campsite, located on the east end of Fraser Lake. There are 49 campsites, 19 picnic tables, boat launching ramp, sani-station, and swimming area.
Beaumont is located on the original site of Fort Fraser, which was established in 1806 by Simon Fraser. Remnants of the old Fort include some of the rock foundation and an old log building (rumoured to contain logs from the original Fort).

From this campsite you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets, especially during the long summer evenings.

Fraser Mountain

There is a forest service lookout tower on the top of this mountain from which one can experience a beautiful view of Fraser Lake and the surrounding area. A forestry access road goes to the top of the mountain and is open during the summer. There is also a hiking trail to the top. (See hiking)

Fraser Lake Museum

Located in front of the recreation complex on Carrier Crescent, this lovely log facility has many artifacts of the history of Fraser Lake and area. When open, the phone number is 250-699-8844.

Francois Lake

One of the largest lakes in British Columbia, it is approximately 125 km (78 miles) long. This lake has an abundance of Char, Rainbow Trout, Kokanee and White Fish. There are several resorts and lodges in the Glennanan Tourist Area, located along the Northwest side of the lake. François Lake is also home to Molyhills Golf Course, one of the most challenging golf courses along the Yellowhead route.

Kenny Dam & Cheslatta Falls

Kenny DAM was built in the early 1950’s, at which time it was the largest rock filled dam in the world. The dam is 1500 feet long, 317 feet high, and is 40 feet wide at its crest. It took 4,016,900 cubic yards of material to construct the dam, and raised the water 300 feet at its face. To give you some idea of the quantity of materials used, it would fill a line of 12 yard dump trucks (bumper to bumper), stretching from Vancouver to Halifax. This dam is a sight worth seeing. It is accessible by a well constructed forest access road which starts at LeJac, 6 km (4 miles) east of Fraser Lake – and goes south. This road is known as the Holy Cross #1 Road, with the dam located at 68 km (42 miles) and Cheslatta Falls at 60 km (37 miles). The falls are a good fishing spot, as well as a very nice camping and picnic site. Both sights are well worth the drive to visit.

Mouse Mountain

Located within the Village of Fraser Lake – this hill has a number of hiking trails. From the top, one gets a panoramic view of the town and the lake. (See hiking).

Mouse Mountain is the shape of a very large mouse when seen from the hill east of LeJac, or from Stellaquo Village on the west end of Fraser Lake.

Nadleh River

This is the shortest river in the world, running out of Fraser Lake and into the Nechako River, all within a distance of .8 km (½ mile). On the bridge in August, one can see the Sockeye Salmon and a few Spring Salmon coming up the river into Fraser Lake and on up to the Stellako River and François Lake. These salmon are often in very large schools and the river seems to be solid fish at times. Also from the bridge, you can see the Trumpeter Swans – to the east at the mouth of the river. These swans have been wintering here for many years and during the winter and early spring months, they are a beautiful sight to see.

Nechako River

The Nechako River was one of the major tributaries of the Fraser River prior to the construction of Kenny DAM in the early 1950’s. Now it is a much subdued river, but still flows through some very scenic country. It is a lovely river for canoeing. (See canoeing)

Nithi River

This small river runs into the south east corner of François Lake, and it is noted for the Trout run in the first part of the spring. At this time, the trout move up the Nithi River to spawn and are very plentiful. No fishing is allowed at this time of year.

Ormond Creek Trail

This trail goes up the east side of the creek, (see hiking). It is about 10 km (6 miles) through the forest, from Fraser Lake to Ormond and Oona Lakes. By hiking this trail, you will see the canyon of Ormond Creek. This creek used to be called Canyon Creek. The canyon is 40 – 50 feet deep and is about 150 yards long. Along the way you will see some of the massive old fir trees that were burned in a forest fire many years ago. It is a very enjoyable walk.


The north side of Fraser Lake hosts several Indian pictographs. There are three sets within a 1000 yard area on the north side of the lake. The paintings are on granite rock – the first set facing west, and the next two facing south. The final set is easily visible from the lake and is about 15 feet above low water level.

Stellako River

The river runs between François Lake and Fraser Lake – and is a very challenging canoeing river. (Expert class – see canoeing). It also offers some of the best fly fishing in British Columbia. It is a very wild and scenic river. There is a Sockeye Salmon run in August that can be viewed from the Glennanan Bridge. There is also a sweeping view of François Lake from this bridge.

White Swan Park

Located on Fraser Lake off of Park Drive
Campsites are available, 2 day maximum stay, no hook-ups – No lifeguard on duty. The beach area has 10 picnic tables, children’s play area, change rooms, and sanitary facilities.

Splash Pad Water Park

Summer Day Use Only –
Regional Water Park with picnic area, children’s play area, change rooms, and sanitary facilities (handicap accessable)
Located downtown by Veterans Memorial Park


Village of Fraser Lake

Municipal Office Hours & Location
Weekdays 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Closed Statutory Holidays)

PO Box 430, 210 Carrier Cres.
Fraser Lake, British Columbia V0J 1S0

Phone 250-699-6257
Fax 250-699-6469
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